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Our name comes from Blackman’s Theorem by Ralph Beebe Blackman which is a mathematical method that allows us to easily calculate the input and output impedance of complex feedback circuits, and like this theorem.

We are methodical and the method we have created at Blackmann has been honed by our expert network of consultants. At Blackmann we want to continue “Building Sustainable Growth” for the employees of the businesses we acquire through management acquisitions.

We believe our management services help to scale businesses at a sustainable rate that not only benefits employees at a micro-level but also benefits at a macro-level both the domestic and global economy.

We create value by developing of businesses through acquisitions and mergers, to bring them to the Pinnacle of success.

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“As a Company, we believe in being tenacious, moving forward while utilising the wisdom of those who came before us, to continue Building Sustainable Growth”

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